Marc Klok

MK The Label is a Marc Anthony Klok brand that represents his passion outside the soccer field. Marc Klok is a talented young soccer player from the Netherlands and is currently preparing to change his passport to become an Indonesian citizen.

When Marc arrived in Indonesia at a young age, he started everything in Indonesia from scratch. Driven by passion, Marc has now always been an important player in every team he defends. If most soccer players are popular and have big contracts, this is enough. So for Marc Klok it wasn’t enough. Marc has a great entrepreneurial spirit. Together with Fabian Sporkslede, Marc even pioneered a recovery product for athletes, namely Amplify. This product started about 4 years ago. The product is growing fast and the current customers are world soccer players like Matthijs de Ligt and Philippe Coutinho. Recently it even works together with AFC Ajax and Red Bull as new partners.

In Indonesia Marc started his own brand MK The Label. The products are now only limited to fashion items for everyday use. But Marc has a dream to develop it further. MK The Label will also focus on the health food industry, such as protein bars. Marc, named MK Protein, wants to make people aware of the right nutrition and the importance of the chosen food to achieve every goal and purpose.

It doesn’t stop there, Marc also has a dream to help Indonesian soccer players recognize their potential through personal branding and digital asset management. MK The Label will provide PR and Branding management in the near future. Perseverance in fighting on and off the field is the key for Marc to realize his big dreams in Indonesia. Through this brand Marc wants to share his positive enthusiasm and energy so that it can be an encouragement for everyone to make his dreams come true.

No dream is too big to realize, it just takes a lot of struggle and sacrifice to realize a dream.

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